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Convocation-NIT Delhi

Convocation-NIT is a disruptive technology education start-up offering both B2B and B2C solutions. The main offerings in the B2C model includes providing end-to-end admission solutions to students and the B2B model includes offering Digital Marketing Solutions (DMS) to clients. With over 36000+ colleges in its database, Convocation-NIT is one of the most promising start-ups in India in 2015.
Convocation-NIT is a unique universities discovery platform, which connects education seekers with education providers, at the same time offering information about colleges, courses, entrance exam details, admission notifications, changes in exam pattern, scholarships and all related topics.
In the first year of operations itself, Convocation-NIT became the fastest growing education services provider in India, with exceptional traffic growth touching a traffic of over 1.3 million visits in a span of less than 8 months, with an extremely engaged response from users.Convocation-NIT ranks among the top 1500 sites in India.

Client Review: “Very helpful and stayed with us through the entire project!”

Project Detail
January 8, 2015
Frank Emily